Bose - "Journey"
Behind the Project

Ad for Bose and the new QuietComfort Earbuds.

"Journey" is the story of a young girl, seeing a dancer on TV and getting inspired to try dance. The first scene is dated to 2010, and the girl uses Bose TriPort headphones to listen to music and try out dancing in her bedroom. Next scene, we see the same girl but 10 years older. Here she uses the Bose Soundlink Revolve + in the dance studio, rehearsing for her upcoming performance. In the last scene, we see the girl take out the new Bose QC Earbuds, to cancel out the noise of the theater audience and get in the zone. She then goes out on stage to perform her dance she has been practicing months for - and she remembers how this all started 10 years ago because she saw a dancer on TV. Bose is there with you for the whole journey.

Director/Producer/Colorist/Editor - Armin Korsos - @caymanite_productions
Director of Photography - Tom Ciszewski - @tomciszewski
Choreographer - Seth Robinson - @_sethrobinson
Behind the Scenes - Dan Piotrowski - @danporiginal
Creative Director - Therese Niedbala
Old Dancer - Rachael Lee -
Young Dancer - Isabella Rubio - @rubio_jr.dancer
Storyboard Illustrator - Noah Denten - @denten_art

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